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Visit our well equipped and tastefully restored Breton farmhouse which is set in peaceful countryside just 7 miles (11 km) from the market town of Callac and 19 miles (31 km) from the ancient capital of Guingamp. 

The nearest shops are at Callac some 11 Km away.
To get there turn right at the end of our little road onto D31.
 Then turn left at the crossroads at Ty Bourg onto D28 to St. Servais and on to Callac.
In Callac you will find a couple of small supermarkets “Intermarchť” and “Casino” 
There are also banks, bread shops and a post office.
On Wednesdays there is a street market. 

There are rather more shops in Rostrenen some 20 Km away.
To get there turn left onto D31.
Follow the road to Kergrist-MoŽlou and follow the signposts to Rostrenen.
 There you will find “Intermarchť”  & “E LeClerc” both of which are bigger than the supermarkets in Callac.
There are also banks, bread shops and a post office.
Market day is Tuesday

Be aware that some shops don’t open on Mondays
Most shops close at mid-day and re-open at 14:00

For larger supermarkets/small hypermarkets go to Guingamp or Carhaix-Plouguer

Big and very big hypermarkets are found in Saint-Brieuc and Morlaix both of which are on N12

The local boulangerie is “La Baleine” about 5 km towards Kergrist-MoŽlou.
It’s up a lane to the right.
The sign (bright yellow) is easily seen coming from Kergrist-MoŽlou towards Quillaeron-Quilliou ; going towards Kergrist-MoŽlou, there is a sign about 300 m before the turn.
The bread is superb but be aware - he bakes bread and superb brioche
 he doesn’t produce baguettes!

Opening hours are :-
Tuesday    6 pm - 8 pm
 Wednesday   2 pm - 8 pm
 Thursday    7 am - 8 pm
 Friday     7 am - 8 pm

 Remember that most shops (not supermarkets)
close from midday until 2 pm every day

On Sundays some supermarkets are open but only in the morning

Hypermarkets usually don’t close from midday until 2 pm


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